What is the quality of stainless steel 304?

The grade 304 is an exquisite phenomenal stainless steel in austenitic class. It radiates across so many applications in the engineering sector. The sustainable performance can be well understood by its amazing chemical composition. Grade 304 has iron, chromium, and nickel in composition. Grade 304L is a low carbon version that prevents carbide precipitates during the weld.

The chromium is around 18 % and nickel is 8%. The chromium is the key in offering corrosion resistance properties, whereas nickel stabilizes austenite structure at room temperature and contributes more towards strength, and ductility.

Apart from corrosion resistance, grade 304 offers excellent mechanical properties, welding, and forming abilities. It has considerable tensile strength and hence used in likewise applications. The mechanical properties can be enhanced by cold working only.

 A grade 304 is highly demanded in the food industry society. It is safe and considered the best among all. The quality, toughness, and extreme temperature endurance are the selecting parameters for grade 304. 

 Grade 304 has the dominant role in food processing and transporting units, wine brewing, and pharmaceutical applications, heat exchangers, and fasteners, etc. 

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