What is the Best Stainless Steel Grade for Hand Rails?

With the recent trends and considering the aesthetics, sustainability, and functional value, STAINLESS STEEL is the incredible choice for modern handrails.

Before deciding which grade to consider, common questions of like where to install? How much Strength is required? What level of maintenance will be offered? And all pros and cons should be discussed with the budget.

Grade 304 is a chromium-nickel alloy and offers corrosion resistance to many surrounding mediums. It is easy to maintain and available in the best shiny finishes. The mechanical properties are highly considerable. Grade 304 is an ideal application material for indoors as well as outdoors if the exposed environment is not present with chlorides.

So, grade 304 may prove to be a perfect choice, but not in harsh salty environments. Grade 316 is chromium-nickel-molybdenum amalgamation and offers a high degree of resistance to corrosions in coastal regions. The tensile strength and durability are superiorly considerable.

It can be used in swimming pool railing; salt-water, coastal outdoors, etc. grade 316 is the perfect choice for outdoor, industrial, and marine applications.

Grade 202 may be an option for economical reasons. Professional guidance is advised.


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