What is 304 Stainless Steel?, Applications & Properties?

Grade 304 is considered the workhorse of the stainless steel industry. Yes, it is powerful and efficient commercial grade and used in every corner of the globe. It is a brilliant corrosion endurance stainless steel grade exhibiting outstanding mechanical properties.

Grade 304 has an austenitic structure. Its chemical composition has 18% chromium and 8 % nickel. That is why it is commonly called 18/8 stainless steel. Grade 304 offers excellent corrosion resistance with superb forming and welding abilities. It can be used in deep-drawn applications like sinks and kitchen cookware. Also, it is a food-safe grade. Grade 304 shows extreme toughness at elevated and cryogenic temperatures.

Grade 304 has a good heat resistance and machinability. It can be hardened with thermal treatments.

Grades 304 have major applications in the food processing, transportation and storage industry, domestic and commercial cookware, tubing, heat-exchangers, pharmaceutical industry, architectural paneling, and fasteners.

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