Black stainless steel is truly stainless steel. It is just its charcoal-grey color which gives it a bright matt finish and premium glance. Black stainless steel is introduced for domestic appliances. It is the first visual of the sleeker trend in the appliance range.

Black stainless steel has an identical composition to stainless steel i.e. iron, chromium, nickel, etc. It has an extra coating of black oxide on its outer surface. Even its surface is less prone to smudges and minor abrasions.

So it features all the stainless steel quality. It offers corrosion resistance, strength, and durability. It has an outer coating of black oxide and is smudge-proof but it is expected to peel and scratches in long-term use.

Black stainless steel becomes famous for kitchen appliances, cabinets, fridges, ovens, etc. It has an interesting black surface that adds characters to the applications. It was expected to be timeless, trend, and easy to maintain. Yes, it can be cleaned easily, but trends are always old with times.

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