How much longer does aluminium lasts compared to steel or stainless steel when exposed to elements?

Aluminum and stainless steel are comparable elements and are demanded too. Both have created their niche in incalculable applications. The pros and cons are necessary terms when qualities are compared.

Stainless steel is a versatile material and offers superior corrosion resistance in even adverse conditions. Grade 304 and 316 are the perfect examples. The grade 316 can survive in chloride conditions. It has strength and toughness in various corrosive mediums. The medical and cookware applications are durable and famous for stainless steel use. The aluminum is more prone to galvanic and pitting corrosion.

The aluminum will pose difficulty in harsh environments. The anodized aluminum can support adverse conditions. Saltwater and other corrosive mediums make aluminum vulnerable.

In addition, Stainless steel has more strength than aluminum. It has more weight and hardness. Stainless steel features considerable toughness at elevated and cryogenic applications.

In an adverse environment, stainless steel is durable when compared to steel and aluminum. Numerous grades are available according to requirements.


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