Stainless steel is a large group of types and grades. It comprises around 200 alloys. Proper knowledge is essential for product-specific applications. Its application varies from kitchen utensils to marine equipment Right decision about the selection of grade, ensures extended endurance with optimizing cost. Stainless steel is completely recyclable and hence it is an eco-friendly metal.

Stainless steel is a broad range of various amalgamations, which contains a minimum of 10.5% of chromium. Other elements like molybdenum, nickel, manganese, and sulfur are also contributed to the composition. By varying its composition, results in different stainless steel grades that are appropriately suited for applications.

Ferritic stainless steel is a low carbon, high chromium steel. The chromium content is around 10.5 to 18%. It cannot be hardened by heat operating methods.

Ferritic stainless demonstrate better engineering capability than austenitic stainless steel. It also offers good resistance to stress corrosion and is magnetic in nature.

Ferritic stainless steels are often referenced corrosion resistance and elevated temperature oxidation. It is generally used in automotive exhaust systems, furnaces, heat exchangers, and the petrochemical industry.


Grade 430F Stainless steel

Grade 430F is a free-machining version of 430. It is basic ferritic chromium stainless steel with sulfur. The addition of sulfur improves machinability drastically.

SS Grade 430F offers moderate strength and corrosion resistance. It also offers moderate ductility. Mechanical properties of Stainless Steel Grade 430F cannot be enhanced by heat treatment.

It is used often in applications that require machining with corrosion resistance. Most widely used in the manufacturing of screw machines for aircraft, gears, fasteners, and solenoids, etc.


Stainless Steel Grade 430F is plain chromium stainless steel with 16-18% chromium. Stainless steel Grade 416 is plain chromium steel with 12-14% chromium. It also contains nickel, silicon, manganese, and sulfur. The addition of sulfur improves machining abilities drastically. The presence of sulfurs also restricts formability and weldability.


SS Grade 430F attains a metric density of 7.80 g/cm3.

The modulus of elasticity is 200Gpa.

Electrical resistivity is 600 nWm.

The melting point is 1482


Thermal expansion coefficient is 10.4 µm/m° at 1-100°C and

Thermal conductivity is 26.1 W/mK at 100°C and 26.3 W/mK at 500°C.


 In annealed conditions, Grade 430F attains a tensile strength of 552 Mpa and yield strength of 379 Mpa. Hardness is 262HB. Elongation is 25% in 50mm.


SS Grade 430F is ferromagnetic in nature.




Annealing can be done at between temperature ranges of 677-760°C, followed by air-cooling.


 Grade 430F stainless steel is not responsive to heat treatment.

Hot Working

Firstly, the material is heated to a temperature of 816°C and then elevated slowly to 1066 to 1149 °C

 Cold working

Grade 430F stainless steel can undergo moderate cold forming.



Stainless Steel Grade 430F offers corrosion resistance to organic and nitric acids. Grade 430F is a high sulfur machining grade. It offers less corrosion to pitting and crevice corrosion when compared to non-free-machining grade.


Grade 430F SS can be easily machined with good feeds and speeds. It is mainly used in automatic screw machines.


Grade 430F SS is not recommended to be weld as it is high sulfur content.  High sulfur can induce hot cracking. In necessary conditions, the material must be welded with the use of filler material at low heat settings. Post-weld annealing is suggested to improve ductility in welded material.



Stainless Steel Grade 430F is a free-machining grade. It is used often in applications that require machining with corrosion resistance.

SS Grade 430F is mainly used in the following:

  • Aircrafts parts including fasteners, gears, shafts, pinions
  • Solenoids

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