Duplex stainless steel usage in the pulp and paper Industry

The pulp and paper industry turns to duplex

The pulp and paper business is a tremendous consumer of stainless steel. Duplex utilization has consistently picked up in momentum over time. About all present evaporators, fade towers, mash digesters, stockpiling tanks and other assistant equipment in the mash and paper industry are made of duplex stainless steel. What characteristic of Duplex stainless steel material made it an industry-wide success?

4 reasons why duplex stainless steel is best choice for pulp and paper industry:

1. Environmental benefits
The environmental push that begun in the 1970s has prompted more extreme handling conditions, which require materials with preferred corrosion properties over carbon steel. Environmental concerns have affected current pulping methods and procedures. A few changes have made harsher working conditions, which make mild steel digesters fall flat. These expanded working temperatures and compound concentrations have definitely expanded requests on the corrosion resistance of structural materials utilized as a part of pulp & paper factories.

2. Price
Duplex stainless steel contain less nickel then austenitic grades and hence less sensitive to price fluctuations of raw materials. Also, Duplex stainless steel may have a higher initial material cost than carbon steel, yet after some time even a sensible measure of erosion can prompt higher general expenses for carbon steel.

3. High mechanical strength
Duplex steels have almost double the strength of austenitic steels. This grants reduced thickness while giving higher resistance to stress corrosion cracking, weariness and rough conditions.

4. High corrosion resistance
Duplex have brilliant corrosion properties, especially with respect to stress corrosion cracking, weariness, and scraped area conditions. Duplex stainless steels additionally offer better corrosion resistance to digester mixers in respect to other construction materials.

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