Stainless steel is an exceptionally sustainable alloy. Its adaptability can turn imagination into applications. The advantageous properties of stainless steel make it an attractive selection for immeasurable applications. The tremendous varieties of stainless steel grades are available today.

Stainless steel can be categorized into different types and grades. Each grade has its own chemical composition. Grade 303 belongs to the Austenitic family of stainless steel.

Grade 303 is the version of grade 304 stainless steel. Grade 303 has sulfur, whereas grade 304 does not contain sulfur. Sulfur enhances the property of machinability in grade 303. Better machinability is required for certain applications. Sulfur also degrade corrosion resistance ability and lower down the toughness slightly, but still comparable to other austenitic grades. Grade 303 hexagon bars are available in cold drawn and polished execution.

Grade 303 hexagonal bars are high in geometry and have potential structured strength. A grade 303 hexagon bar has high machinability and is used as direct feed in industries. Its mechanical properties can be improved by cold operations. Grade 303 has good tensile strength.

Grade 303 hexagon bars are used for heavy cuts in the automated machining process and also used in repetitive machining applications. It is used mainly for the production of aircraft components, screw machine parts, valves, nuts, and bolts.

Stock Available For Grade SS 303 Hexagonal Bar

Ambica steels is an internationally renowned producer of stainless steel products. Our prime inventory handling center is at Ghaziabad, India. Our produced grades are improved machining (IM).

The Ambica steel inventories include 303 hexagon stainless steel bars of various lengths and finishes. 303 hexagon bars are superior machinable bars. We are equipped with ready stocks of 303 hexagon bars. The ready stocks are manufactured at our synchronized multi-unit facility. Our facility enables us to produce customized 303 hexagon bars. The ready stock shortens the lead time and improves competence. Our sales and research departments are managed by a professional team. Inquiry and orders are always appreciated.